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Villains Duology by VE Schwab Review

Villains Duology by VE Schwab Review

If you like stories about morally grey characters and found families, the Villains Duology by VE Schwab is the one for you. It is comprised of two fast-paced books, Vicious and Vengeful, that are dark, gritty, and incredibly heartwarming.

In Vicious, the main character, Victor, and his college roommate, Eli, start to research Extraordinaries (EOs) for a college thesis. Their research turns experimental and ends with Victor in prison where he meets his friend Mitch. Ten years later Victor and Mitch break out of prison in search of Eli who is now on a mission to execute every EO he finds.

I seriously loved this book! It made my jaw drop but also made me kick my feet and giggle. The relationships in this book are really what made it so amazing. Victor and Eli go from being strangers to friends to best friends to enemies; once enemies, they both have to find other people to rely on as they strive to find and kill each other. I loved how Victor built himself a family with a fellow inmate, Mitch, and a thirteen-year-old girl, Sydney.

In Vengeful, A new EO emerges in the form of Marcella Riggins, who is determined to gain control of Merit. She is aided by two other EOs and leverages Victor and Eli against each other to remain in power. Will she be able to take control of Merit, or will her ambition be her downfall?

When this book first opened on Marcella Riggins, I was a little disappointed, but that did not last long! Marcella, the wife of a mob boss, knows what she wants and how to get it. When she becomes Extraordinary, she decides it is time to ruin the husband who cheated on her and take control of the Merit Mafia. I found her so compelling and was so happy when we still got to see Victor and Eli. The ending of this book is intense and leaves some things to the imagination. You’ll just have to read it to see what I mean.

Villains mainly takes place in the city of Merit. This is where Victor and Eli first met and where they continuously end up. It seemed so real that I almost had to look for it on a map. The creation of Extraordinaries was so unique; I had never read anything like it before. This is a spoiler: to become an EO, one must have a near-death experience where they actually die but then come back. Each person’s power is linked to who they are and what their final thoughts were as they died.

I feel like most books with superpowers involved force the notion that you were born with powers or something radioactive overtook you. I liked that this duology used the sheer force of will and near-death as a way to gain powers. It allowed for interesting powers and characters and brought extraordinary things from ordinary deaths (and not-so-ordinary ones).

This duology will not disappoint you. Go read it.

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