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Palworld Developer Considering Legal Action Following Impersonation Case Advertising NFT

Today the developers of Palworld at Pocketpair took to X to denounce a rather egregious impersonation case that surfaced yesterday. 

According to the post, the account @Palwcrld_jp, designed to create confusion with @Palworld_jp (the Japanese account of the developer) advertised Palworld NFTs while promising in-game rewards. 

What made the issue particularly problematic, was that the impersonator had a golden checkmark badge identifying the account as a verified organization. This made the impersonation more credible to the casual observer. 

The impersonating X account had a golden checkmark badge identifying it as a verified organization. 

At the moment, no explanation has been provided on why the impersonating account had a golden badge on X, especially considering that the badge exists exactly to (in theory) prevent impersonation. We also don’t know the extent of the damage or how many fell for the trick.

That being said, Pocketpair mentioned that they have reported the impersonator to X and is now considering legal action. 

Fate Palworld NFT site
The fake Palworld NFT site which was peddled by the impersonator.

In the meanwhile, today Pocketpair also released another of its trailers dedicated to a specific Pal, Ktress.

You can watch it below.

If you’re unfamiliar with Palworld, it’s currently available for PC and Xbox, on top of Game Pass. You can find out more details on its popularity in our hands-on preview. If you’d like, you can also rent a private server on SurvivalServers to play with your friends.

Pocketpair has recently revealed an extensive early access roadmap for the game with plenty of upcoming content and features. Still, the main priority remains to fix the current issues plaguing the game.  

Palworld has sold over 8 million copies on Steam and according to the monitoring portal SteamDB, it holds the second-highest peak concurrent player number in the history of Valve’s PC platform, with 2,101,867 players.

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