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Monthly NFT Sales on Bitcoin Fall 62% + More NFT News

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Monthly NFT Sales on Bitcoin Fall 62% + More NFT News

Source: QuantumCatsXYZ / Twitter

There has been a lot of greenery on the non-fungible token (NFT) charts over the past 24 hours.

The total sales volume is up 12.5% to $34,820,790, per CryptoSlam.

Buyers, sellers, and transactions are all up 3%-8%.

The top collection by sales volume today is LockDealNFT, with $2.7 million. It’s also making NFT news rounds as the day’s top performer with the highest jump by far: a whopping 3,223%. In comparison, the second-best performer, Froganas, is up 59%.

As for top blockchains, Bitcoin has seen a drop of 12% to $7.4 million. At the same time, it’s competitor Solana jumped 2% to $8.7 million – significantly increasing the distance between the two ‘warring’ chains.

Ethereum, with $9.5 million, remains undisturbed at #1.

But we’re not done with Bitcoin.

Today in NFT news: Monthly NFT sales on Bitcoin fall over 60%, Quantum Cats mint get postponed, and Pudgy Penguins owners get a chance to turn their characters into toys.

NFT Sales on Bitcoin Plunge 62% in January

Monthly NFT sales volume on the Bitcoin network has seen a significant fall.

Value dropped 61.6%, according to CryptoSlam. At the time of writing, it stands at $330,737,889.

Source: cryptoslam.io

Transactions have also plummeted by 49%, recording 245,510 over the past month.

The sales volume is substantial and can be seen on the charts.

Compared to January’s $330.7 million, December recorded $868,974,031.

There were 110,235 unique buyers in December, compared to 75,842 in January. As for unique sellers, last month saw 98,283, while this one marked 65,203.

Source: cryptoslam.io

December also saw double the number of January’s transactions: 484,556.

Therefore, the decrease has been seen across the board.

Last month’s strongest day was December 16, when the network saw $86,082,207 in sales volume. Just a day earlier, it recorded $85,434,038.

As for this month, January 2 had the highest sales volume on Bitcoin, recording $18,823,301. It was followed by January 11, when the network saw $17,359,189.

Breaking NFT News: Taproot Wizards’ Bitcoin Ordinals Sale Postponed

And speaking of Bitcoin: Ordinals. Specifically cats. More specifically, quantum cats.

The anticipated Taproot Wizards’ Bitcoin Ordinals NFT sale was postponed yesterday due to technical issues.

The Quantum Cats whitelist was announced for Monday, and was meant to last two hours. It was supposed to be followed by the public mint, lasting until the collection sold out.

However, the team moved the mint to February 1. The whitelist phase will last five more hours, enabling people in different time zones to “mint comfortably.”

Co-founder Udi Wertheimer explained that the minting website did not work as well as expected. That said, during the time it did work, almost 1,000 cats were minted successfully.

All funds are safe, he added.

The cats will be distributed to wallets on Friday after the mint.

Pudgy Penguins Reveals Its IP Licensing Platform

The team behind the popular collection Pudgy Penguins announced that Pudgy Toys has opened licensing for its second chapter.

“The Chapter 2 Pudgy Toy licensing deal is for those Pudgy penguins that will be included in our new line of toys.”

Following the success of Chapter 1, the platform says:

“We are excited to offer more licensing opportunities to our community to bring their Pudgy Penguins to life through Toys.”

Notably, this is facilitated by the team’s very own intellectual property (IP) licensing platform, OverpassIP.

Furthermore, Pudgy Penguins and Lil Pudgy owners can join the process over the next two weeks. This way, they can transform their MFT penguins into physical toys.

The website also notes that owners who successfully join the program will be able to grant licenses to renowned brands for product or media incorporation.

Submitting an NFT for selection does not mean that it will automatically be selected, though.


Additionally, OverpassIP has added so-called Pudgy Rods as multipliers for licensing deals. It automatically applies if the Penguin and the Rod are in the same wallet and calculated at payout.

“The Pudgy Rods have developed a layer of utility and will serve as a multiplier for certain licensing deals, on-chain drops, or claims we may do in the future,” the team said.

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