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Building the world’s greenest Bitcoin mine

Building the world’s greenest Bitcoin mine

Meet the digital currency disruptors who are making Bitcoin mining carbon negative for a greener future.

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Cryptocurrency has the potential to revolutionize our monetary system. Bitcoin — the largest cryptocurrency — could provide people with a more secure, difficult to counterfeit, more streamlined, and decentralized financial system.

But as bullish as people are on Bitcoin, there’s been a difficult-to-ignore shadow looming over the industry — its perceived energy consumption. All cryptocurrency transactions are recorded through a process called mining. This process requires many verified crypto miners to validate a transaction by solving incredibly difficult mathematical puzzles. This acts as a way to verify all transactions in a decentralized manner — but, because Bitcoin mining requires a lot of computing power, it uses a decent amount of energy.

Now, a new data center is moving away from users to harness renewable energy at its source — West Texas.

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