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FTX: the legend of Sam Bankman-Fried | FT Film

FTX: the legend of Sam Bankman-Fried | FT Film

FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried’s cryptocurrency exchange, exploded onto the scene in just a few years. Endorsed by celebrities and accepted by the establishment, it attracted big-name investors and was valued at $32bn before it collapsed in a matter of days. Regulators fell for it, venture capitalists fell for it, celebrities fell for it – everyone fell for the legend of Sam

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Produced, directed and edited by Daniel Garrahan. Filmed by Petros Gioumpasis and Gregory Bobillot. Graphics by Russell Birkett

00:00 – The legend of Sam
03:04 – FT explodes into the mainstream
07:04 – Cracks start to form
10:00 – The fall of FTX
13:58 – “I ended up losing $2.1m”
15:22 – Sam’s apology tour
17:33 – Police arrest Sam in the Bahamas
18:34 – FTX’s inner circle of power
21:09 – A failure of due diligence
23:29 – Where were the auditors? Where were the regulators?
27:49 – What FTX’s collapse means for crypto

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